I was approached by a startup founder/CEO and asked to conceptualize what a website and mobile experience would be like for a technology-focused, next-gen healthcare provider. The result would be used as a 'pitch-deck' in pursuit of securing funding, and as an introduction for industry professionals. The goals were: 

+ conceptualize what a technology-focused healthcare provider would look/feel like as both a brand and an experience

+  illustrate various scenarios a member of a new-age healthcare provider would engage in

My Role: 

 + conceptualized and created entire experience, including branding, UI, visuals, and motion.


For this project, I only had a codename ("Bicycle Wellness") and a general outline of what the co-founder/CEO wanted his company to be about - he used words like "open, easy, human..." to describe how he wanted members to eventually describe the product.

After hearing the codename, I couldn't get the song "Bicycle Race" from Queen out of my head, so I used it as inspiration (as seen in the video above).  The song is upbeat, fun, and at it's core - simple; the same qualities I tried to build into the design concept.

 It should be noted that this was a design concept to illustrate an idea - not a fully functional UI.


Each video below highlights a featured interaction a member of Bicycle Wellness might partake in.  I ended up weaving these interactions together as one experience to illustrate the overall idea inside a 'pitch-deck'; a product presentation that would be shown to both investors and curious industry professionals.

Log in + Updates

The user logs in and is taken to a very simple interface to manage all of their healthcare options.

Refill a Prescription

The user (Jane) refills her prescription, quickly and easily with just a few clicks

Customize Your Wellness Plan

One of the hardest things to do with health insurance (besides comprehend your own coverage) is changing your coverage options and understanding how those changes impact you.  Here, Jane does this with ease.

Schedule an Appointment

Here I show how Jane could make a doctor's appointment

Get Help Online

It'd be great if healthcare providers really had easy-to-access medical professionals to offer answers to small questions and/or general health advice.  Being able to log into your wellness account and starting a video/voice chat with a nurse could lead to a lot less visits to the hospital.

Get and Manage Rewards

Healthcare providers sometimes offer rewards programs, but in my experience, they often get delegated to some dusty corner of the product.  Usually rewards programs are hard to use, and hard to understand. This video shows one way I'd simplify it...

Go Mobile

Bicycle Wellenss, being tech-forward, would have a fully featured app with mobile-specific tools available to it's users.  Here's one example - a tool that helps you find medical attention near you and within your network using location data.  The app could also offer estimates for the medical services you may receive based on your coverage and potential survey data collected from previous patients at that hospital.


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