+ illustrate what a refreshed CreativeLive.com homepage and detail pages would look like - with the goal of enhancing the brand as well as improve customer experience in navigating through content.

My Role: 

 + conceptualize a refreshed concept for homepage and detail pages

+ create high-fidelity mock-ups for review by CreativeLive product VPs

Current Design

The current site design for CreativeLive.com works well enough. Content is forward and there's no 'over-designing' going on.  However, I thought the brand could come through more strongly and that the navigation could be consolidated better.

Current Detail Page

Current Homepage

The current site experience for CreativeLive.com


A rotating hero space works well for a product like CreativeLive so I focused on it as the main showpiece for the homepage.  The idea is to highlight talks/lessons via video previews of the content to entice the user to 'just hit play'.  This sort of taste-testing the content is probably the fastest way to reveal the value of CreativeLive to new users.  


Another area of improvement was being aware of and saving upcoming lessons.  As a new user I felt it was difficult to get a handle on what was being featured and when.  The live aspect of the product is very appealing but only if it's content you're interested in.  Being able to see what's coming up and to be able to build a schedule around that is a way around this hurdle.  

So, below the hero content is a "lessons calendar".  With it, users can get a quick glimpse of what's coming up each day during a month (with the ability to toggle between months as well as categories).  A hover interaction (video below) allows the user to enroll in the course, pre-order at a discount, save for later, or go to the full details page.

Detail Page


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