Seek out, photograph, and interview talented 'up-and-comers' in a variety of specialized fields (from culinary chefs to 8-bit musicians).  Create a community where these people can connect, share ideas, and be recognized for their talents.


+ Created the brand "GNY - Gorgeous: New York" 

+ Built+Assembled a team of photographers, writers, web engineers in New York to make up the GNY Team

+ Secured a studio workspace

+ Produced, shot, and edited all video associated with the project

+ Designed and maintained GNY website

+ Booked and managed all interviewees

+ Produced website launch party

The Interviews

Here are a collection of some of the interviews I shot+edited of the people we were lucky to come across during the GNY project. 

Remember, those revolutionary portable gaming systems that let you bring Mario on the road? Kind of like the great great grandfather of your DSi or PSP? Just when it seemed the Nintendo Gameboy was settled into retirement, experimenting musicians like Joshua Davis taught it a new trick: CHIPTUNE .

The twin sensations of Mataano, Ayaan and Idyl Mohallim talk to GorgeousNewYork about their clothing line and inspirations!

Until 1997, to tattoo was an illegal act in New York City. After hepatitis outbreaks occurred in the early 60's, New York lawmakers put the blame on the tattooing community and passed a law to prohibit the art form. Brian Wren show us why tattooing survived as an artform.

Bill is the cofounder (with business partner Jason Horvath) of Uhuru [pronounced oo-hoo-roo], a design and build furniture company dedicated to sustainability, repurposing materials such as riven deadwood to craft products with an emphasis on minimal, modern form.

She's about to go on; the music blasts a bubblegum pop tune as the lights dim. Amanda enters wearing a white dress, pink scarf, pink handbag, and pink sunglasses. She has so much overdone sass, I have to laugh. Her intro is hilarious.

Dante is an actor and playwright living in Washington Heights. His resume is impressive, having acted in Disney's national High School Musical tour, countless regional theater productions, and having written many of his own full length theater productions. While his resume is enviable, it's Dante's methodology that's truly striking.

Charles Hui, a.k.a Chuckboy, brings us inside his home away from home, MyPlasticHeart, and talks about everything plastic.

When the clomps of Stephanie's heels cease against the sidewalk it becomes apparent. Just above the arch of her left foot floats a treble clef staff, the veins under her creamy skin pointing up to the tattoo as if in awe.

The sun loves Ken Tanabe. Or maybe it's the other way around. "Man I have to say it feels so good to be out here right now. I've got my Vitamin D for the week," he says and flashes a toothy grin afterward.

AJ Acevedo is the founder of Flightlutions, an aerial video and photography solution company based out of Brooklyn. The name Flightlutions is a hybrid between the words flight and solutions, which he thinks helps to set himself apart from others in this industry who provide just the two types of services.